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In Arcuz, there are three main branches of weapons: they are blades, swords, and axes. Each category has its own strengths and weaknesses, as well as its own skill branch associated with it.


Blades, or "Falchions" as they are sometimes called, have the advantage of being the quickest weapons in the game, but at the tradeoff of being the weakest. They also weigh the least amongst the three weapon groups.

Skills associated with blades include:

  • Proficiency of Falchion
  • Finality of Falchion
  • Specialty of Falchion


Swords are the median weapons of the game; they have moderate offensive power and speed, boasting them no strengths or weaknesses. They weigh more than blades/falchions, but less than axes.

Skills associated with swords include:

  • Proficiency of Sword
  • Finality of Sword
  • Specialty of Sword


Axes are considered the powerhouse weapons of Arcuz, bringing impressive damage at the cost of attack speed. In fact, its attack strength is roughly equal to 1.5x the power of blades/falchions. Axes are the heaviest weapons in the game, sometimes even weighing more than any single piece of armor.

Skills associated with axes include:

  • Proficiency of Axe
  • Finality of Axe
  • Specialty of Axe

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