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Level Edit

  • Your maximum level is 35. The game will not let you gain any more experience at level 35.
  • If a monster is 2 or more levels above you on the map, the game will caution you.
  • If a monster is 3 or more levels above you, the game will not display any information about its name or remaining HP.
  • An experience penalty is applied if your level is above the monster's. See the Monsters page for more details on XP.
  • Armor and weapons all have a required level.
  • There is an attack penalty for monsters of a higher level.

Strength Edit

  • Each point adds 0.5 to minimum attack damage and 1 to maximum attack damage.
  • Each point adds 5 to maximum encumbrance.

Agility Edit

  • Each point adds 2 to defense.
  • Each point increases block rate by 0.1%; every 10 agility adds 1% to block rate.

Constitution Edit

  • Each point increases Max HP by 10.
  • Each point increases Max SP by 3.

Luck Edit

  • Each point increases critical hit chance by 0.25%; every 4 luck adds 1% to critical hit chance.
  • Luck increases the drop rate of items by 1.

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