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There are many different kinds of potions in Arcuz and Arcuz 2.

Health Potions Edit

  • Small health potion. Recover 30% hp slowly.
  • Medium health potion. Recover 50% hp slowly.
  • Large health potion. Recover 100% hp slowly.

Mana Potions Edit

Small mana potion. Recover 30% mana slowly.

Medium mana potion. Recover 50% mana slowly.

Large mana potion. Recover 100% mana slowly.

Rejuvenation Potions Edit

Small potion of rejuvenation. Recover 30% hp & mana.

Medium potion of rejuvenation. Recover 50% hp & mana.

Large potion of rejuvenation. Recover 100% hp & mana.

Combat Potions Edit

Attack potion. Improves attack and strength for a short time.

Defence potion. Improves defence for a short time.

Berserk potion. Makes you go berserk for a short time.

Potion of magic defence. Very useful when fighting many bosses. Increases your magic defence for a short time.

Other potions Edit

Roast Turkey - same as a Large Health Potion.

Silver Angel Tears (small potion of archangel)

+30% hp & sp. Chance to revive when defeated. May sometimes be found as loot.

Diamond Angel Tears (Large potion of Archangel).

+100% hp & sp. Chance to revive when defeated.

Composition Edit

  • 1 Potion → Next higher size potion. 30% chance of success.
    • Even though the game tells you it's 25%, the game code says it's 30%.
  • 2 Potions → Next higher size potion. 100% chance of success.
  • One healing potion + one mana potion → same size rejuvenation Potion.
  • 2 Large Rejuvenation potions in upper and left slot + any other two potions → Large Potion of Archangel. (Called "Diamond Angel Tears" in Arcuz II.)
    • Probably not what the developers intended, since the other two potions can be any potion. Including

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