Chapter I


Chapter I Arcuz II

Arcuz II


  • Familiarize yourself with the controls of the game.
  • Reach Level 2
  • Recommended Skills: Lv. 1 Preferred Weapon Proficiency

Main questsEdit

  • Equip a Weapon - Wayne

Go to Gran, purchase and equip any weapon you like, then return to Wayne.

  • Kill 3 lv 1 Slimes - Wayne

Exit south of town; kill the slimes there, then return to Wayne. (there seriously just outside the village)

  • Kill 10 lv 1 Slimes - Wayne

Exit south of town; kill the slimes there. The fastest way to complete this quest is to kill the 3 slimes just south of town. Then respawn them by going back to town, and south again. Return to Wayne when you're finished.

  • Level-up and Skill Point - Wayne

Open your Char window, and spend your stat points. Open up your Skill window, and spend your skill point on the Proficiency Skill of your weapon. Speak to Wayne when you're finished.

  • Weapon Composition - Wayne

Speak to Susan, place the two crystals, the stone, and your weapon in the compose slots, then press the compose button. Reequip your weapon, then return to Wayne.


Meonius' walkthrough

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