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Welcome to Arcuz WikiEdit

This site is dedicated to the flash ARPG games Arcuz and Arcuz II, giving you the latest news and information about it.

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We need your helpEdit

This wikia was made to help to the beginners but we are lacking information. If you have finished Arcuz: Behind the Dark or are a Funnaut developer, please colaborate and create new pages on this wikia.


Latest activityEdit

Guess what? Arcuz 2 is out! The creator of this site has already tried it and it's great! If you want an off line copy of Arcuz and Arcuz 2, please contact the creator of this site. Have fun!

==Another wiki by the creator==

The creator of this wiki just made a new wiki on the gameloft game sacred odyssey: Rise of Ayden. It you played SO, please visit it andhelp us make it better!

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